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Wandering in the tracks of African megafauna in deep wilderness is the essence of the walking safari experience. In the safe hands of knowledgeable professional guides, it’s never less than a fascinating adventure.

This site is designed to make it easy to find the perfect walking safari anywhere in Africa and is operated by FGASA-qualified guides with wide experience of African travel –

Denis Costello is co-author of Walking Safaris of South Africa and an avid adventure traveller, hiker and walking safari addict. He has completed solo treks ranging from the Greenland icecap to jungle of Papua New Guinea, traversed the islands of South Georgia and Seram, explored the South Pacific by cargo ship, descended the upper Congo river by pirogue, trekked the Ruwenzori mountains, hitch-hiked Australia coast-to-coast and driven across the heart of the Sahara desert. He contributed photographs of Antarctica, Patagonia, Borneo, the Drakensbergs and Oman to the UN’s IPCC Biodiversity Hotspots report. He is a FGASA-qualified Apprentice Field Guide & Trails Guide.

Kim Paffen is a full-time photographer and writer dedicated to sustainable travel. Widely travelled, she has a special love for African wilderness and is a FGASA-qualified Apprentice Field Guide. In 2019, Kim won a National Geographic photo competition and was a finalist in the Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year competition in 2020 while her Travel & Photography Blog is packed with inspirational images and stories. Kim’s photography is available for sale at Kim Paffen Fine Art Prints.

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